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A little bit about us.

Welcome to Baba Club!

After giving birth to my son, Indy, I finally realised how precious time is.  I wanted to make the most of my maternity leave with my new baby, rather than worrying about running out of nappies, or would we have enough formula to last an unexpected night feed?  And this was before the realisation of going back to work hit – how on earth would I have time to get everything done?!

I learnt from day one, babies are unpredictable, so knowing how much to buy on the weekly shop was difficult.  I want to give all parents the gift of time, so the Baba Box was born – good quality nappies, wipes and formula (if needed) delivered on time monthly, in the exact amounts you need.    

The idea for Baba Club came to me on our first family holiday to Ibiza, which is a very special place as my husband and I got married there in 2013.  I had a complete U-turn in what I wanted to achieve personally, and for my family – I was a career girl, and always imagined I would be dying to go back after 9 months to carry on where i’d left off… But I loved being on maternity leave!  I loved watching every new development and milestone, but most of all, I loved being there 100% for my baby and for my family. I realised I did not want to commit to going back to my job in fashion full time, and rely on nursery child care 5 days a week – I wanted to spend that time with my son, but I also needed my own project and ultimately, I wanted to be my own boss and on my own schedule so I could be flexible for our family’s needs going forward.  

The beauty of Baba Club is that it will also enable other parents to be flexible – you can be free to enjoy time with your family, without having to worry about topping up your nappy and wipes supplies or if you have enough formula to last the night.  There will be no more mad dashes to the supermarket with a crying baby – we will take all the worry from you to deliver everything you need on a monthly basis.

So welcome to Baba Club!  This has been an amazing journey for me over the last few months – and i’m so excited to finally see it brought to life!  Please feel free to get in touch about any other products you want adding to our monthly bundles or add-ons to make your lives easier, and I will keep you updated with any tips on my journey through motherhood via the blog!

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Baba Club Founder