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Making Ice-Lollies

As the weather’s been warm recently we’ve been spending much more time in the garden which has been amazing, but we all know about the struggle of keeping children cool! An ice-lolly is the perfect snack to instantly cool and refresh children…and parents too! I experimented slightly with making my own ice-lollies last year when we had just started weaning Indy, which turned out to be very messy as you can imagine! 

I thought i’d try again this year, and as all my usual food recipe challenges, try and include some sneaky vegetables!  The lolly mould i’ve used had is one i’ve had for years, and any will do the trick.  

I experimented with a few flavours initially, as opposed to making a big batch of one, and all were super quick and easy to make – I literally put all the ingredients in the Nutribullet, and whizzed up into a fairly thick liquid.  I added water gradually to loosen if I needed to, and then poured into the mould and put in the freezer to set. If there was any mixture leftover, I also watered this down more and Indy finished it as a juice!  

These are the ones we tried:

Carrot and Mango

This was surprisingly the sweetest of them all.  Indy’s gone off carrots recently, but loved this!

Banana and Spinach

This was his favourite – I used a very ripe banana to make this as sweet as possible, and it worked to mask the taste of the spinach.

Avocado, Cucumber and Lime

This was more of a refreshing flavour – I really enjoyed it but Indy wasn’t so keen (I think I added too much lime!)

Blackberry, Kale and Yoghurt

Yoghurt and berries is a classic home-made lolly combination, so I added some kale for some sneaky greens!

The world really is your oyster with these – all the ingredients I started with were already in the fridge or freezer, and i’ve just tried to balance flavours with the right amount of sweetness to not make the veggies bitter, especially the green ones!  I used water to dilute the mixtures, but you could easily use any milk or yoghurt for a more creamy texture.  

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried making your own, and what your favourite flavours are! xxx