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Gift Guide for a 3 Year Old

Indy’s birthday is 11 days before Christmas, so every year he gets lots of presents in quite a short space of time.  Because of this I like to be organised so we’re not overbuying, and making sure he’s getting the toys and games that will see him through the next year.  I obviously want to get him gifts that I know he’ll love, but I also want to combine these with things that will help him develop and learn.

Car Garage

Indy’s been car-mad since he was tiny, so this garage will be his main present from us that he can play with independently and imaginatively.  

Train Set

We bought him a train set last year, and this one will be added to it to make it much bigger as it’s been our main lockdown activity – and you can’t go wrong with the Aldi one!

Paw Patroller

For the boy who loves Paw Patrol – this needs no explanation!

Dinosaur Play Scene

Dinosaurs are Indy’s new favourite thing, so he’ll love adding his figures to this play scene for some imaginative play, and I love that it’s wooden!  

Roleplay and imaginative play is something that Indy’s been getting into much more over the last few months, so these gifts will allow us to play together at home as well as developing his independent and imaginative play, and social and language skills.   

Play Mobil Family House

Doctors Set


Explorer Set

We’ve been playing more games and doing more puzzles as a family as we’ve been home A LOT more over the past few months, which we all love.  I’ve been so excited to get Hungry Hippos as it reminds me of my childhood, and Indy will love building his own dinosaurs and Dino Bingo as they’re his new favourite!

Hungry Hippos

Dino Bingo

Alphabet Lotto

Dinosaur building

I regularly buy books for the boys, but we don’t have any of the Little People, Big Dreams collection yet – they’re such lovely books and are perfect as gifts.  I’ve started with the David Attenborough one as we can read the book and watch the programmes together.  

Little People, Big Dreams 

If you’ve been stuck for some ideas, I hope you’ve found this blog useful.  And as always, if there’s anything I’ve missed that you want to include, please comment below! Happy shopping! xxx


Gifts for a 2 Year Old

As the biggest shopping weekend of the year is just around the corner, this is my round up of what is on my shopping list for a 2 year old!  Indy’s birthday is on the 14th December, so we have a double-whammy with the two big present events being within 11 days of each other! As we can’t spread his bigger gifts out across the year, I try and be organised with what gifts he will be able to use and play with now, as well as including some that he will be able to start using in a few months, or leading up to his 3rd birthday.  As always, this is the full list of gifts we (and Santa!) will be getting him, as well as ideas we have given to friends and family.   

Micro Scooter

Indy has been eyeing up scooters in the park for the past few months, so I’m so excited for him to have his own.  This Micro Scooter is a little more expensive than others you can get, but the handlebar height is adjustable so it will last for a few years so I think is well worth the money. 

Balance Bike

This Banwood bike is more of an investment purchase… and it’s so pretty!  Indy has mastered his trike now, so a balance bike is the natural next step. He will have to grow into this over the next few months, but he’s a very active toddler so I know he’ll give it a good go! 

Helmet and Knee / Elbow Pads

These are essential to go with his scooter and balance bike… safety first!


Indy has started to enjoy having his own bag where he can put his own things in, so this will be perfect for when we go away.  The bus Trunki has animal stickers you can place at the windows, and Indy will love riding on it and pulling it along in an airport.  As travelling is going to become a bit more hectic next year with a second baby, hopefully this will be a present for us too!  


The magnetic side drew me to this, as i’ve bought Indy some magnetic puzzles that are a bit awkward to play on the fridge!  It’s also a chalkboard, and there is a large clip to attach paper on the whiteboard for drawing and painting. This will be good for us all to enjoy together and can be folded away neatly. 

Mega Blocks Table

Indy’s just started playing with blocks more regularly, and this table will really get his attention as he can build up his own little town. It comes with extra blocks and parts that can be stored inside and I love that it can be folded down so won’t take up much space!

Railway set

He is obsessed with cars and trains at the moment, so again, this is the next natural step for him.  I picked this up in the Aldi toy event, so as he is a little young for the more expensive train sets, this will be a good starter set for him to experiment with.  

Lock and Latches Board

This is something different, and includes different locks and latches to open to reveal the animals underneath.  This will help with fine and gross motor skills, as well as numbers and counting.

Car Ramp

I’m sure this will be Indy’s favourite present – he will love watching the cars racing down the slides, and will love matching the colours up and putting the cars in the garages underneath. 

Farm / Jungle Animal Figures

These figures will be good to start Indy with role playing and creating play scenes.  They are small enough to come out with us in his bag, and can be used in the bath too!

Fishing Game

This also came from the Aldi toy event! This kind of game develops coordination skills as well as being something we can all enjoy as a family. 

Magna Doodle

This will encourage mess-free drawing and includes stamps for him to make marks with too. 


This is a good starter keyboard to get Indy experimenting with music – it has lots of melodies and instrument sounds, as well as animal noises – very Ross Gellar! 

Tool Set

We are giving this as a small stocking filler – it’s not huge, but will be something he can have a ‘fiddle’ and play with.  

Woody and Buzz

He is Toy Story obsessed, and as we’re off to Disney for his birthday, the proper Woody and Buzz will be waiting for him when he gets home!

Colours Puzzle

We’ve been teaching Indy colours for a few months now, and this is a great game for grouping colours together, as well as developing puzzle skills!


Because you can never have enough books!

If you were stuck for some ideas, I do hope you’ve found this blog useful.  And as always, if there’s anything I’ve missed that you want to include, please comment below! Happy shopping! xxx


Gifts for a 1 Year Old

It was a bit of minefield trying to find presents for Indy’s first birthday and first proper Christmas.  Whilst I don’t want to spoil him and splurge on loads of toys, I do want to buy him that one special gift for each, and only things that will aid his development and help him learn.  I’m also getting more conscious of buying more wooden toys where possible…

As Indy’s birthday is only 11 days before Christmas Day, I’ve joined all of his gifts together in one post.  These are also including gifts that his grandparents are getting him, and ideas friends and family have asked us for


I’ve been looking for a teepee for a while, and this Aldi one was a bargain!  I’ve wanted one for Indy’s bedroom so I can make a cosy space for story time and some learning play.  I just need to buy a fluffy rug and a couple of cushions to go inside it.

Wooden Play Kitchen

I’ve been debating a kitchen, as most say 3 years+, but over the past month or so Indys really getting inquisitive of our own kitchen, trying to get into the cupboards and washing machine.  This one from John Lewis is a nice size for a 1 year old, as he will be able to stand comfortably against it and use the cupboards. It also doesn’t take up much space!

Wooden Play Pots and Pans

These will go with the kitchen – I decided against metal ones as Indy sometimes gets surprised by loud sudden noises, but these will be good for imaginative play.  

Wooden Play Vegetables / Fruit

These will start to teach Indy about fruit and vegetables so he can learn what he is eating, and they will be great for play as can be cut and matched back together with the velcro pieces.  I just need to find a little basket to fit them in to go inside his kitchen cupboard!

Trike / Ride On

Again, I’ve searched for a while for a trike, and loved this one for the zebra design.  It’s also really sturdy so he can use it now before he’s walking.

Inflatable Bouncer

Indy loves playing on these at soft play, where they are dinosaurs and dragons.  His favourite ‘teddy’ at the moment is his big lion, so knew he would love this lion bouncer!  It will also be great to use outside in the summer.


I’ve never really done any creative play with Indy yet, so this will be fun way to start, and no mess!

Orchard Flashcards

We use picture cards at baby sensory, and so I wanted to get some for home.  Repetition is a good way of learning and recognising things, so we can start doing this together at home.


Indy loves shaking his tambourine and banging his drums, so he will love this xylophone!  And I love the colours and that it will be personalised!

Pull Along (Pooh bear)

My mum and I found this in a garden centre – its wooden and is such a lovely toy.  Indy doesn’t have a pull along, and is just starting to recognise Winnie the Pooh, so should love this.

Play Tunnel

Indy is always the first one to crawl through the tunnel at play groups, so this will be a great addition to home where we can use it in the house and the garden.

Push and Go Truck

This is a fun toy that will help with motor skills and teaching cause and effect.

Cosy Coupe

This will be more for summer where he will be able to cruise around the garden in his car, but for now, we can push him around in it, or he could even push it himself!


I’ve been picking up wooden puzzles for the last few months from the supermarkets – they seem to be really good value there and are good quality.  I’ve got ones for numbers, shapes, farm animals and jungle animals, which I will split between his birthday and his Christmas stocking.

Sensory Toys

Our baby sensory class offered the chance to buy some of the things we use the sessions, and as Indy and I are finishing classes soon, I thought these would be great stocking fillers. I’ve bought a shaker, jingle bells, mirrors and a light up coloured wand that will enable us to keep going with all of the sensory activities we have learned.

The only things not included in this list are books… I buy these quite regularly anyway to keep him interested in story time, and we are getting a library card this week, so will be getting a new batch of books to read most weeks!

If you have any other good gift ideas to add to the list, comment below!  x