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Banana Oat Loaf

This week has been VERY hectic – I knew we had a busy one coming, with lots of early starts with 3 people needing to get ready and out of the house on time, so I needed to be organised!  I wanted to make a breakfast that we could all have to grab on the go at once, but something fairly healthy and guilt-free. I had 3 ripe bananas, so decided on a banana bread loaf alternative with oats rather than flour, and honey instead of sugar, and I was really impressed with the result!

It was really quick to make – I just added all the below ingredients to a food processor to mix together, and then added to a greased loaf tin and baked until golden and cooked through.  Easy-peasy!

3 ripe bananas

2 cups of rolled oats

2 large eggs

2 tbsp of honey

1 tsp baking powder

As the loaf contains honey, it should only be given to babies over 1 year old 🙂

I added the oats into the food processor whole, as opposed to blending in the Nutribullet to make them finer like oatmeal, so I was a bit worried the loaf would be quite dense, but it really wasn’t as the bananas kept it moist.  The bananas also stopped it from going dry throughout the week – I made the loaf on Saturday and we finished it on Wednesday evening, so it lasted well covered up and stored in a Tupperware.

Here’s what we did with it:


Indy had it for breakfast with some yoghurt and berries.

My husband and I had a little slice with a cup of tea!


We all had it for breakfast before Indy’s 9.15am Toddler Sense class – this time, with some peanut butter spread on top!

Tuesday and Wednesday

My husband and I both had a couple of slices with a bit of butter spread on for breakfast on the way to the office, and Indy had the same thing in the evening as an after-nursery snack!

The loaf was super easy and quick to make, and lasted really well throughout the week.  It was really versatile and handy to have for a quick snack or eating on the go and I always have all the ingredients in, so will definitely become one of my new regulars to make for us all!  Comment below if you have any favourite recipes to feed your family in a rush or on the go! xxx

Trying Out Smoothies

I’ve been reading a few things recently about giving children smoothies as they can be a great way to add more nutrition into their diet, especially in foods they would normally not choose to eat. They add key vitamins, protein and fibre in a really quick and easy way. I also love making juices in my Nutribullet so I can get involved too!

I wanted to ensure the smoothies contained lots of green veg, so I started using kale and spinach.  I added a form of fruit to sweeten it, but making sure to not use a bigger amount of fruit than the vegetable.  I then added either avocado or banana to give it an element of creaminess, and then a milk to make a smoother consistency.  As you don’t need massive quantities to make a juice, I had a rummage in the fridge and freezer to see what I could use without buying any special ingredients.  I tried a few different ones so far, with very mixed reviews.


Frozen berries – raspberries / blackberries / blackcurrants


Almond milk

Chia seeds

This was the first one I tried and it wasn’t a massive hit – he took tiny sips with a look of disgust and didn’t finish it as it kept going browner and browner as the day went on, so I understood why!  It honestly tasted great, but the berries made it a dark murky colour and the chia seeds made it a bit gloopy, but seeing as Indy’s only ever drank milk and water, it was an ok start.


Frozen Mango


Almond milk

Indy was very dubious of the cup coming towards him when it was an odd green colour.  I left the chia seeds out of this one so once blended, it was a really smooth juice, I also loosened his with a bit more almond milk.  He liked this one better than yesterday and drank half of it over the course of a few hours, going back for a few sips every now and again, which was progress.   


Frozen mango


Whole milk


I left the almond milk out of this one, and used some whole milk and yoghurt instead – I thought that if I used something he was more familiar with to taste, then he’d be more willing to try, and it really worked!  I also changed the cup so he wasn’t necessarily expecting water to come out of it when he drank, and he finished the lot!


Frozen mango



Almond milk


Again, this juice was a winner.  I reverted back to almond milk on this one, but used a tea spoon of yoghurt to make it much creamier. Even though i’ve used two fruits in this one, I only used a small amount of each and still made sure the volume of spinach was more.  

I gave Indy his smoothie for breakfast, along with whatever I was giving him to eat that day.  If he hadn’t finished it by the time we were heading out for the morning, I took his cup with us and he would drink it instead of having a morning snack.  This saw him through until lunchtime, so was also something really quick and easy to prepare for being out and on the go.

Comment below if you’ve tried giving smoothies to your little ones, and what you’re favourite recipes are! X


Puff Pastry Pin Wheels

I first saw pinwheels when Indy’s friend had one for his lunch on a playdate – his was filled with Marmite which Indy isn’t keen on yet, but I thought i’d have a little experiment of my own.  I bought some puff pastry sheets, and had a little rummage in the fridge for what I could use as a filling, again trying to be as efficient as possible with ingredients.

I found some spinach which I finely chopped and mixed with some cream cheese.  I rolled out the pastry, spread the spinach and cheese mixture on, then rolled the pastry back up into a tight roll.  I sealed the end slightly with a fork, cut into slices about 2cm thick, and baked in the oven until golden. I cut the pastry sheet in half before making, so I was able to make pin wheels with 2 fillings, out of just one puff pastry sheet.  

I gave one to Indy to test for his dinner that night, along with some sweet potato and avocado, and he really enjoyed it!  I froze the remainder of the batch, and now pull one out to defrost if we are out and about – it’s made a nice change to him having a sandwich!

Again, there are so many filling combinations to use when making these, both sweet and savoury, and using up any leftovers.  I also made a batch with tomato puree and grated cheddar cheese inside, and these also went down a treat. The only negative is that they are MESSY – so definitely not one to eat in the pram! 😉 x


Breakfast – Easy Banana Pancakes

Indy is going through another fussy food phase – this time, breakfast.  He’s gone off crumpets, cereal, porridge, and now crusts, which means toast is on thin ice.  As my banana and quinoa pancakes have been a long term staple since we started baby led weaning, I decided to start looking for alternatives which he could have with yoghurt and fruit, which is where I found these.  They. Are. Amazing – sweet and full of protein, and only THREE ingredients!

1 egg

1 banana

½ tsp baking powder

Mash the banana whisk the egg, and then mix together with the baking powder – I just blitz together in the Nutribullet for speed  

Heat a little butter in a frying pan

Spoon the mixture into the pan – I prefer to shape into small pancakes as they are easier to control

Cook on both sides until golden  

It’s been a long while since Indy has inhaled a meal, looking so happy with himself and even went back for seconds!  They were super quick to make in the morning, and I served with a little yoghurt and strawberries on the side as normal.  You must give them a try! x


Using Up Leftovers and Packing In Veggies

Since Indy’s turned one, he’s been so much fussier with his food – something he loves one day, he will hate the day after, so there’s no continuity with the foods I know he will eat and enjoy.  Apart from carbs…! He’s also started to recognise the foods he likes, so as soon as he knows he’s unsure of something on his plate, he won’t even attempt to try it, so i’ve had to think outside the box a bit in making sure he’s eating balanced meals.  

You all know I hate wastage, and like to be as efficient as possible with the food I buy.  We sometimes have leftover vegetables in the fridge at the end of the week, and I know Indy would refuse to eat some roasted pepper or courgette if I put it on his plate, so I decided to get a bit more creative.  

I chopped up and roasted the vegetables we had leftover – one red pepper, one courgette, two carrots and two parsnips.  I then fried off a diced onion and 2 garlic cloves, and added the roasted veg along with some leftover passata and some water to loosen.  Once all had been cooked down, I blended in the Nutribullet until smooth. I made this quite thick so it could be more of a ‘dip’ consistency as opposed to a soup, but I could add more water to it to loosen it where necessary.

I still do weekly meal plans for Indy, so was able to incorporate this veg into his lunches and dinners for the week:

  • Chicken goujons, sweet potato and avocado – I dipped the chicken in the sauce as a dip
  • Alternative to tomato sauce on homemade pizzas – I used sandwich thins and spread the veg sauce on and topped with mozzarella
  • Pasta with sausage and peas – I added water to the veg mix to make a looser pasta sauce

I was so surprised how much he enjoyed everything!  He rarely eats chicken but ate all of it with the vegetable dip, and he usually gets bored of pasta but wolfed it all down.  I will definitely try this again as the options for meals are endless, and all from random bits of veg left in the fridge. I also had a few portions leftover so have tubbed these up and put them in the freezer for next week!