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Gift Guide for a 3 Year Old

Indy’s birthday is 11 days before Christmas, so every year he gets lots of presents in quite a short space of time.  Because of this I like to be organised so we’re not overbuying, and making sure he’s getting the toys and games that will see him through the next year.  I obviously want to get him gifts that I know he’ll love, but I also want to combine these with things that will help him develop and learn.

Car Garage

Indy’s been car-mad since he was tiny, so this garage will be his main present from us that he can play with independently and imaginatively.  

Train Set

We bought him a train set last year, and this one will be added to it to make it much bigger as it’s been our main lockdown activity – and you can’t go wrong with the Aldi one!

Paw Patroller

For the boy who loves Paw Patrol – this needs no explanation!

Dinosaur Play Scene

Dinosaurs are Indy’s new favourite thing, so he’ll love adding his figures to this play scene for some imaginative play, and I love that it’s wooden!  

Roleplay and imaginative play is something that Indy’s been getting into much more over the last few months, so these gifts will allow us to play together at home as well as developing his independent and imaginative play, and social and language skills.   

Play Mobil Family House

Doctors Set


Explorer Set

We’ve been playing more games and doing more puzzles as a family as we’ve been home A LOT more over the past few months, which we all love.  I’ve been so excited to get Hungry Hippos as it reminds me of my childhood, and Indy will love building his own dinosaurs and Dino Bingo as they’re his new favourite!

Hungry Hippos

Dino Bingo

Alphabet Lotto

Dinosaur building

I regularly buy books for the boys, but we don’t have any of the Little People, Big Dreams collection yet – they’re such lovely books and are perfect as gifts.  I’ve started with the David Attenborough one as we can read the book and watch the programmes together.  

Little People, Big Dreams 

If you’ve been stuck for some ideas, I hope you’ve found this blog useful.  And as always, if there’s anything I’ve missed that you want to include, please comment below! Happy shopping! xxx


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