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The Baba Box is the helping hand every parent needs – it contains all the day to day essentials needed for your baby, delivered monthly, direct to your door. Nappies, wipes, and formula (if needed), are now one less thing to think about, so you have more time to spend with your little ones.

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Pampers Premium Protection – sizes 1 – 2
Soft and stretchy for maximum comfort for your new baby – wetness is absorbed and distributed for up to 12 hours of dryness.  A helpful wet indicator strip prevents wastage in the early days.


Pampers Baby Dry Nappies – sizes 3 – 6
Soft and breathable with flexible sides for a comfortable fit throughout the day along with leakage protection.  Wetness is distributed evenly and pulled away from the skin for up to 12 hours of night-time dryness.


Pampers Baby Dry Pants – sizes 5 – 6
With an all-round stretchy waistband, these can go onto the wriggliest of babies quickly and easily, and still providing comfort, absorption and leakage protection.  And just rip off the sides for fast removal!


Pampers Wipes
Soft and comfortable, and as a mild as cotton wool and water on your baby’s skin.  These are the perfect everyday wipe for gentle cleaning.


Water Wipes
Gentle, and safe to use on babies sensitive skin, they are the only wipes made with water and a natural skin conditioner.


Aptamil First Infant Milk
A nutritionally complete formula, suitable from birth if your baby is bottle or combination fed.


Aptamil Stage 2 – Follow On Milk
Suitable for 6-12 months, this formula is tailored to complement a weaning diet.

Additional information

Nappy Size

Size 1 Premium Protection Nappies, Size 2 Premium Protection Nappies, Size 3 Baby Dry Nappies, Size 4 Baby Dry Nappies, Size 4 Baby Dry Nappy Pants, Size 5 Baby Dry Nappies, Size 5 Baby Dry Nappy Pants, Size 6 Baby Dry Nappies, Size 6 Baby Dry Nappy Pants

Nappy Size Guide


Size Product Baby Weight Ave Monthly Usage
1 Pampers Premium Protect 4-11 lbs
2-5 kg
2 Pampers Premium Protect 9-18 lbs
4-8 kg
3 Pampers Baby Dry Nappies 13-22 lbs
6-10 kg
4 Pampers Baby Dry Nappies 20-31 lbs
9-14 kg
5 Pampers Baby Dry Nappies 24-35 lbs
11-16 kg
6 Pampers Baby Dry Nappies 29-40 lbs
13-18 kg
4 Pampers Baby Dry Pants 20-33 lbs
9-15 kg
5 Pampers Baby Dry Pants 27-38 lbs
12-17 kg
6 Pampers Baby Dry Pants 33+ lbs
15+ kg

Formula Pack Guide


Age Suggested # of Packs
0-1 Months 3
1-2 Months 4
2-3 Months 5
3-4 Months 5
4-5 Months 6
5-6 Months 5
6-7 Months 4
7-8 Months 4
8-9 Months 4
9-10 Months 4
10+ Months 3


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