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15 Uses for a Muslin Square!

We’ve finally started to get the new baby’s room ready, so I’ve been going through Indy’s old newborn bits to see what I can reuse (because obviously I kept EVERYTHING!)  I’m amazed how his old muslins are still in great condition, and got to thinking how they literally were probably my best used item when he was tiny.  They are cheap, are quick to dry after washing, can be used for anything and everything, and I always had at least 2 on me at all times for any eventuality.  

Below are some of my favourites:


They are a great lightweight swaddle blanket in summer for newborns.  

Light Blanket

Use one as a blanket in the pram or car seat, and in the crib or cot. They can also be layered up with thicker blankets in winter, or used on its own in warmer temperatures. 


Use one as a sheet in your pram or crib as they can be tucked around and under the mattress.  I also regularly used one to line the Sleepyhead instead of having to wash the cover countless times a day!  Indy also regularly lay on one at baby groups when he was in his ‘sicky’ stage – it made it easier for me to clean up rather than having to wipe down the floor.

Mop Up Any Spills

Muslins can be used to wipe up ANYTHING!  From the obvious sick and dribble, leading onto food and drinks, and as there’s always one lying around, maybe even coffee and wine!

Burping Cloth

I had one slung over my shoulder for the majority of Indy’s first few months… easy to catch anything and they protected me!


Just tie round the neck like a bandana and hey presto! 


In the early days, I used a muslin to dab Indy dry as it was softer on his skin than using a towel.  I also used one to wipe up runny noses, as the muslin was softer on his skin than a tissue. 

Air Diffuser

When Indy is ill with a cough or cold, I always dab a few drops of Olbas oil on a muslin and hang it in his bedroom, which always helps him sleep a bit better as it’s a decongestant.  (Obviously the muslin is well away from the cot, and the Olbas oil is never put directly on his skin!)

Nursing Cover

Big enough to cover you and baby if needed when breastfeeding. 

Changing Mat

They can be folded up into a makeshift changing mat when out and about, or in an emergency!  Draping a muslin over your plastic coated changing mat also makes it more comfortable for the baby and will take the chill off on those cold mornings!

Play Mat

Lay on the floor with baby on top.  Can be used anywhere, from a friend’s house to an airport, and just gives that extra protection to try and keep things clean, rather than toys having to go on a dirty floor. 

Pram Sun Shade

Just drape over the canopy to block out some of the sun. I always ensure there is still an opening to allow air through to keep baby cool.  

Car Sun Shade

How many times have we had to stop on a long journey to tuck a muslin into the window to make a sun shade?  Lots!


They are so soft to cuddle and become a really familiar touch for comfort. 

Instant Peek-A-Boo

A restaurant classic!  It will provide distraction and fun for hours. 

If you need to stock up on muslins for your newborn, head over to the Baba Shop!  And if you have any good muslin tips, comment below! xxx