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My Hospital Bag Packing List

It’s March which means it’s finally due-date-month!  I feel like i’ve been in constant nesting mode since the New Year, and as there isn’t as much to buy or prepare for a 2nd baby, i’ve been cleaning and clearing out anything I can get my hands on instead! I’ve been gradually packing mine and the baby’s hospital bags over the last few weeks as I’ve mostly had to buy new things to go inside, and have been ticking off my list as I go so thought I’d share it!

My Bag

I take a small wheeled suitcase for me as it’s easy to wheel around and everything can be organised into sections so they will be easy to find, rather than getting stuffed into a holdall.  Especially if your birth partner needs to find anything for you!

Maternity notes

Do not forget these!  As it gets closer to the due date, I always keep my notes in the suitcase and take out for midwife appointments, just in case! 


To use after a bath or shower or freshening up, especially if you’re being induced so are in hospital for a while before the birth or have to stay in for some time afterwards.  I always steer towards a dark colour too…

Dressing Gown

It’s absolutely roasting in the maternity and post-natal units so you won’t need a dressing gown to keep cosy, but it’s handy to throw on over your pj’s if going to the bathroom, or having on when feeding or having skin to skin.  


To throw on when walking around the wards, and super comfy. 

Oversized Black Tshirt

I loved using the pool in my first birth, so a black tshirt is on my essential list to wear in the pool for a bit of modesty, and won’t matter if it gets soaked.  You can’t go wrong with a Primark mens XXL tshirt for £2!

Shirt Nightdress

I love the shirt nightdresses because they’re really easy for feeding and for skin to skin contact as you can just quickly open them to where you need. 


I take a couple of different sets.  I was induced last time so wore a big tshirt nightdress for the first night in the antenatal ward, and then a cotton short and top set for the post-natal ward as it was much warmer and comfier after birth. 

Phone Charger

Needs no explanation – you and birth partner can both use.


Also need no explanation – music, podcasts, instagram, youtube, netflix… anything I can listen to to focus and zone other people out kept me sane!

Water Bottle with a Straw

To keep hydrated throughout your time in hospital – and the straw means you can drink hands free when you have the baby. 


For an energy boost!

Lip Balm

I always read people saying lip balm was a must-have as lips get so dry and chapped in hospital, and they really weren’t wrong!  

Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Shower Gel / Deodorant / Face Wipes

I get travel toiletries so they don’t take up loads of space and aren’t bulky to take into a bathroom on the ward, but are essential for a quick freshen up.  

Hair Clips / Hair Bands

Because the last thing you want to be doing is fussing over your hair!

Maternity Pads 

Lots and lots and lots of pads! 

Night Time Sanitary Towels

I wore the maternity pads in hospital and whenever I was at home, but as they are so bulky I preferred a long night time sanitary towel for going home – I found them much more comfortable to wear when walking and moving around, so I will be packing a big selection of both. 

Maternity Disposable Knickers

Again, lots and lots of knickers as you’ll be wearing these for a while!

Breast Pads

Pack plenty for leakages and comfort!

Loose Jumpsuit

My going home outfit will be a basic black sleeveless jersey jumpsuit – something baggy and without a waistband that I can just chuck on and be comfortable in for the journey home.


I wear my summer sliders to go home in so I can just slip them on, and don’t have to bend down to put a shoe on!

Big Comfy Black Knickers / Comfy Bralet

For obvious reasons!

Tens Machine

I didn’t actually use one when I was in labour with Indy, but i’m renting one from the hospital this time.  I’ve read really good things about it, and as gas and air made me quite sick last time, my midwife has recommended this as an alternative pain relief to use before and after the pool, so i’m giving it a go! 

Baby Bag

I take the changing bag for all the baby’s stuff so it is separated from mine.  We will be using the Tiba and Marl Elwood backpack for the new baby and these bags have great sections for organising everything so easy to find.


Make sure you pack enough!  I have 12 packed in the baby bag, with another 12 in my suitcase as we won’t know how long we will be in hospital for.  The changing table is stocked up at home, so my husband can also bring in an extra pack if need be.  

Water wipes

Although I will mainly be using cotton wool and water to clean the baby in the first few days, I have packed some Water Wipes as they are gentle and safe to use on newborns sensitive skin. 

Cotton Wool

I prefer to use pleated cotton wool as you can rip off as much as you need.

Baby Grows 

I’ve packed 4 babygrows for any changes.  I’ve packed ‘first size’ ones for the time being, as Indy was in these for a couple of weeks. 


And i’ve packed 4 short sleeve bodysuits to layer underneath the baby grows in the same size. 


These are good for layering up over baby grows if needed, and for going home in.  I’ve packed 2 white ones hand knitted by Grandma – they’re the ones Indy wore so are very sentimental. 


A hat is a must when they are just born.  I always go for a white cotton jersey one, so it will be super soft against their sensitive skin – the knotted styles are made for newborns so will also be the right size.  


As I always say, you can never have enough muslins!  I’ve packed 5 just in case. 


I’ve packed 2 blankets, both cellular and also hand knitted by Grandma when Indy was born.  I’ll use them for swaddling, and for wrapping the baby up in the car seat for the journey home.  

Scratch mitts

Indy was never a great scratcher, but i’ve packed some this time just in case to protect the baby’s sensitive skin. 


The baby probably won’t need socks in hospital, but i’ve packed some to put over his feet in a babygrow just in case, but mainly for the journey home.  

Oh, and one more thing – don’t forget the car seat!  We have this set up with the Isofix in the car from a couple of weeks before just in case, and it also helps to have a few practise runs of putting it in place and taking it out! 

And that’s it!  It seems like a long list but all has packed in each bag quite neatly.  Please comment below if you have any other hospital bag essentials! xxx