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Shopping List for a 2nd Baby

As we’re now well into 2020, I need to start getting ready for the new baby as we only have around 7 weeks to go!  I’ve kept everything from when Indy was little, and as we’re having another boy my shopping list isn’t huge but there’s a few things we’ve needed to replace, and others we’ve wanted to buy to make our lives a bit easier with 2! 

Buggy Board

We’ve decided against getting a double buggy, and will continue to use our Bugaboo Cameleon for the new baby.  This decision was mainly based on cost as they are SO expensive and I just don’t think we will get the use out of regularly using a double.  So for the time being, we will just add a buggy board to the back of our existing pram for Indy to sit / stand on when he doesn’t want to walk. 

Baby Zen Yoyo

We invested in a new stroller for our recent trip to Paris, and I don’t know how I lived without a Baby Zen for so long!  It’s so compact for travelling, and squeezes into the tiniest space in the car, so will be really handy when we have a second car seat and extra stuff in general to fit in!  I also loved using the baby carrier with Indy and will do the same with the new baby, so Indy can still use this stroller too when I need to take them both out by myself. And of course, my husband and I can have one each on longer walks / days out at the weekend! 

Backpack Changing Bag

I had a Jem & Bea baby bag for Indy which had a carry handle and shoulder strap, and while I love this bag, I now need a backpack one so I have more hands free!  I love this Tiba & Marl one as it has loads of compartments and a separate pouch (and its snake!), as well as being a good size for Indy’s things to go in too,  and my husband will also happily use it this time! It will also be a great hand-luggage carry on bag for holidays, so we’ll get use out of it for years to come. 

Toddler Bed

Again, this is another purchase for Indy, and will free up his existing cot for the new baby – we didn’t see the point in buying another when we knew he was getting ready for the transition.  We’ve already made the swap (blog post on this to come!) and even though the new baby won’t be sleeping in the cot at night for the first few months, I didn’t want an extra change for Indy to have to adapt to at once.  We bought this one from John Lewis which is really well made and is the perfect size for his next bed (and fits us in for story time!)

Bottles and Teats

The steriliser we used for Indy is still in perfect condition, so I’m just going to buy a few extra bottles with teats for the new baby.  

Baby Monitor

We still use a baby monitor for Indy as i’m just not ready to not have one yet – and especially now there’s the potential for him going walkabout! We’ll need to get another for the new baby, first to use in our room at bed time as we start this routine quite early on, and then we’ll move into the new nursery.  We currently have the Babymoov YOO Moov camera which we love, so will just get the same again so the cameras should be able to connect to the same monitor panel if we want!

Changing Table / Set of Drawers

The new baby is moving into the spare room, so we’ve bought a new changing table with a set of drawers for the baby’s things.  We’ve bought the same drawers Indy has, and have just added a changing mat on top as this worked really well previously.  Inside the drawers, these dividers fit perfectly to organise all the bits and bobs!  

New Babygrows

Most of Indy’s clothes pre-weaning are in really good condition, especially his newborn bits, so I don’t need to go crazy on clothes for the first few weeks / months, especially as we don’t know what the weather will be like!  I’ve bought a few outfits I couldn’t resist, and just want to buy a few new babygrows for the hospital.  

Sleeping Bags

I need to replace the newborn sleeping bags, as Indy’s were put through so much use, I want to get a fresh set.  As the new baby will be arriving towards the end of March, and won’t immediately be going into a sleeping bag, I think I will hang fire on this until nearer the time once we’re sure what the weather will be like and what tog weight to buy! 

And that’s it! The list is short and sweet, meaning there hasn’t been a mad rush or panic to buy everything this pregnancy!  Aside from also replenishing all the baby toiletries and muslins that can be found in our ‘Newborn Shopping List’ blog, there hasn’t been much for us to buy, but comment below if you have any other 2nd-baby must-haves! xxx