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Teething Remedies

Indy’s 14 months old and has 16 teeth – since Christmas his canines and molars have all cut through so he’s had a rough few weeks… and so have we 😉  It’s easy to assume that any pain your baby has is down to teething, as there’s usually no major signs aside from a grouchy temperament, rosy cheeks or excessive dribbling.  Because of this, my husband and I have a go-to selection of remedies to use when the going gets tough. They vary in strength, and we always start off subtle and build up to a stronger one when he’s really struggling.

Teething Gel

This is our first go to – either rubbing a bit on his gums or occasionally on his dummy for him to have a good suck.  As he has more teeth now, this isn’t working as well as it did when he was younger.

Razbery Teether

Indy’s never really taken to teething toys – he’d much rather chew on a remote or a wooden block than something he’s actually meant to chew on!  He’s always had a dummy for nap times which is why I loved the idea of this, and it worked a treat. As the teat part is nobbly for the raspberry, he was able to properly gnaw down and chew on it which made it so much quicker for a tooth to cut through.  

Ice Cream / Ice Lollies

I started giving Indy this in the heatwave of last summer to cool him down, but then he started teething and it was like killing two birds with one stone!  The ice completely numbed his mouth and you could see by his face how therapeutic and satisfying it was to have the ice in his mouth.

Teething Granules

This is a homeopathic remedy that I was recommended and a bit sceptical of, but they really work!  I could have tried everything else, and then half a sachet of these granules would instantly calm Indy down and stop him crying – they are amazing and were my fail safe until recently when his bigger teeth have come through.

Anbesol Liquid

I’ve only had to use this a handful of times recently, mainly when his 4 canine teeth were cutting through at the same time 🙁 I started by rubbing a small amount on his gums where I could, and then dabbing a bit on his dummy, and this really helped him relax and sleep during the night.  

Calpol / Nurofen

I’ve had to include these in this list as I do give them to Indy for pain relief, as I’m sure most of you do too.  Obviously just read instructions and guidelines carefully.

Amber Anklet

I first started seeing / reading about these when I was pregnant, and bought one for Indy at around 5 months when teething signs first started appearing as I was curious and he’s been wearing it ever since!  A big part of me thinks this is psychological, but I can’t bring myself to take it off him just in case! And it does look super cute 🙂


This is simple, but so effective, and great for Mummys and Daddys too!

These are my go-to remedies for Indy, so are my opinion as opposed to what I am advising, but I hope you found them useful.  And if you have any game-changer treatments, comment below to let us know – we’re all in this together! x