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The Newborn Shopping List

Becoming first-time parents is a minefield when it comes to your newborn shopping list!  While it’s so exciting to get started and buy all those cute tiny outfits, is so easy to get carried away and to start buying unnecessarily. I’m hoping this blog will help all of you mummy and daddy’s to-be buy exactly what you need for those first few months – this does seem quite a long list, but I still use most of this stuff today with Indy at 22 months old!  



We chose the Bugaboo Cameleon and absolutely love it!  We started using it when Indy was a couple of days old, and I still use it most days now. It’s comfortable and easy to push, even on bumpy dog walks, and is really quick to pack into the car.  It has a long chassis frame, so comfortably fits Indy now nearing 2 years old unlike other prams. My favourite Bugaboo feature is the extendable hood – it expands to cover the majority of the seat so will block out most light / sun, making nap times on the go so much easier!

Car Seat 

We got the Maxi Cosi Pebble.  It was easy to carry, and was really quick to clip into the Isofix in the car.  We also got the adapters for the Bugaboo, so the seat could clip onto the pram which was great for making shorter shopping trips or for heading into baby groups!  Indy used this car seat for about a year, until we upgraded to his toddler seat.  

Baby Carrier 

We didn’t spend loads on a baby carrier, as I didn’t think I’d use it that much – but I ended up using it most days!  On muddy dog walks it was easier taking the carrier and having my hands free, and it was a great workout for engaging those core muscles! We bought the Infantino Flip Ergo 4 in 1 carrier and I loved using it – it was comfortable to wear, and was easy to adjust and change position if I was on my own.  We used this well into Indy’s first year, eventually moving him into the back carrying position, until he just got that bit too heavy!

Changing Bag 

I loved my Jem and Bea changing bag.  It had loads of compartments for all his bits so everything was organised, as well as a thermal insulated pocket which was perfect for a bottle on the go.  Again, I used this for about a year, until we got to the toddler age and I moved to smaller backpacks. 

Pram Suit 

This is dependant on when you have your baby, but I had Indy in December so it was freezing.  I found a pram suit with a footmuff as opposed to legs was much better for him to wear in the carrycot in those first couple of months, as it wasn’t restrictive for him, but still kept him warm and cosy.  


Crib / Moses Basket

I preferred the look of a bedside crib, so chose to have this instead of a moses basket.  We used the Tutti Bambini Cozee Bedside Crib, and Indy slept in this for 4 months until we moved him into his own room.  We started with the crib right next to our bed, so one side unzipped so we could clearly see into the crib, and it was easy to pick him up and put him down.  Eventually we moved the crib away from our bed, as the side can be zipped back up, but has a mesh side so we could still clearly see in when we were all in bed. 


We set up Indy’s nursery before he was born, so the cot was all ready to go.  Although he didn’t use it when he was a newborn, I started putting him in it for his day time naps when he was 3 months old, to start getting him used to his own room. 


This is completely up to preference and choice, but the Sleepyhead really worked for us.  Indy used it from newborn up until he was fully transitioned into sleeping in his big cot, so it was integral for us in those newborn days.  I’ve written a separate blog post with the reasons why we loved it here

Fitted sheets (for crib and cot)

I bought 4 x sets for each. 

Cellular Blankets 

These blankets are great for newborns, as they are soft and the tiny holes help babies regulate their own body temperatures to prevent overheating, they’re breathable and can be layered up.  I started with 4 blankets, and used them everywhere, so you definitely can’t have enough. 

Sleeping Bags

I bought two 2.5 tog sleeping bags from Mamas and Papas to start with, but Indy was quite a small baby so it took him a couple of months to fit into them.  He never liked being swaddled, so a sleeping bag at night was perfect for keeping him warm and secure.  

Room Thermometer 

We used the Gro Egg thermometer, and still use it today.  It gave us so much reassurance in those early days when you panic about temperatures, and the easy colour reference helps us decide how many layers Indy needs for him to be warm enough at night, or if he needs less when it’s too hot in summer!


We use the Baby Moov Yoo Moov camera and monitor – the screen image is really clear, and the camera is easy to change position via the screen so you don’t need to disturb the baby! It has lots of features including a night light on the camera than can change colour, it can play lullabies, and there’s a walkie-talkie function where you can speak to the baby through the monitor and it plays out through the camera speaker (this is great for stubborn toddlers not sleeping!)

Feeding – Bottle

Muslin Squares

You honestly can not have enough muslins – they get used every hour of every day in those first few months and their uses are endless!  I bought 12 and still accumulated more. 


This is obviously a must for bottle feeding.  We went for the Tommee Tippee electric steriliser opposed to a microwave one.  It was quick and easy to use, and fit enough bottles to be on once a day, so I washed and switched on after the first feed of the morning. 

Bottles / Teats

We bought the Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set, which is really good value, and included the electric steriliser and 8 bottles and teats which was plenty for us.  The set also included thermal bottle warmers which were great when on the go, and formula dispensers which fit neatly inside each bottle to save space in your bag!  It also included an electric bottle warmer, which we didn’t use that much but took away with us if staying in a hotel. 


This is also included in the Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set and is a necessity for making sure all the bottles and teats are thoroughly clean before sterilising – the bristles get in all the small spaces to clean away any hidden milk. 

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

This was an extravagant purchase, but one that really made our lives easier, especially for those feeds in the dead of night!  Bottles can be made to any volume and to the perfect temperature at the click of a button – so no waiting around for boiling water to cool, or checking milk temperatures on your elbow – this machine really does everything for you. 

Bathing / Changing

Baby Bath

We loved the Schnuggle bath and first used it when Indy was days old up until he was sitting up comfortably by himself.  The back of the bath is very upright, so I felt it supported him much better than the baths that are more reclined.  There are foam panels on the back to make it more comfortable, and in the early few weeks, I just popped a flannel on the bottom for a bit more of a cushioned surface for him to sit on and it gave him more grip. 

Baby Sponge

I specifically bought baby sponges as they are smaller and much softer than regular ones.

Baby Hooded Howels

Three towels was plenty, but make sure they have hoods to keep the baby cosy after their bath and when drying them.  

Changing Mat

We had this John Lewis changing mat and placed it on top of a chest of drawers as Indy’s changing station. It’s wedge shape contained him, and I liked that it was more cushioned and more substantial than others.  

Soap / Shampoo

Although you won’t need these in the first few weeks as you’ll just be using warm water to clean your baby, I bought them early to keep in the bathroom until we were ready. 

Baby Brush / Comb

These will come in a pack, and the baby brush will have super soft bristles so will be delicate against newborn skin. 

Nail Scissors / Clippers

These will also come in a little set and are the perfect size for little fingers and toes. 

Bath Thermometer

Any bath thermometer so you can check the water temperature before baby goes in. This can be a fun thermometer, that can also double as a toy (we have a fish!), and doesn’t have to be expensive at all.  

Size 1 Nappies

This will most probably be the first size you will need, and how many you buy depends entirely on you.  I bought a few packs to keep us going, and our Newborn Box comes with 2 weeks supply (plus other important essentials!)

Baby Wipes

You might not choose to use these in the first few weeks, but if you do, go for a sensitive wipe or Water Wipe so they will be delicate on newborn skin. 

Cotton Wool

I found pleated cotton wool easiest to use, as you could just rip off as much as you need, so you can even take small sections to clean their tiny eyes.  


I bought an ear thermometer to check his temperature, and still use this today.  

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Nappy Bin

Again, this isn’t an essential but made nappy changes a bit easier for us.  Nappies should have their place, and this bin right next to the changing table made disposing of them much quicker and easier, and left no nasty smells.  



In the early days and weeks, I only dressed Indy in babygrows – they were easier and cosier for him as it was winter.  How many you buy and what sizes really depend on your preference and what shop you buy from as annoyingly they are all different.  Indy weighed 6lb 9oz, and was in ‘tiny baby’ ones for a couple of weeks, before then moving up to ‘newborn’ and then ‘up to 1 month / 0-3 months’, so it may be best to cover all bases.  But bear in mind, the washing machine will be on constantly in those first few weeks, so you don’t need to buy huge amounts as they will grow quickly! 


These are a bit easier to judge, as they are a bit more forgiving with fit, so started with 8 in ‘newborn’ size, and 12 in ‘0-3 months’.  I went for short sleeve style so they would fit comfortably under any other clothing, and in white so they would go with everything!


These are great for layering, which is perfect for a newborn – Indy had 2 x cellular knit cardigans that could be worn over any other outfits if he was getting a bit chilly.  The holes in the knit again helped regulate his body temperature, but also kept his cosy. 


A hat is essential for keeping newborns warm, even in summer, and they will most probably wear one as soon as you have given birth.  Jersey hats are perfect as they are soft against the skin, and remember to pack in your hospital bag!


Another newborn essential, as lots of heat can be lost through their feet.  If you’re having a winter baby, socks can be worn under and over baby grows to keep them warm. 

Scratch Mitts

I didn’t use these that much as Indy wasn’t a great scratcher, but a couple of pairs are very cheap to have just in case. 


Bibs are essential for feeding and dribbling!  I started with 12 and used them for most of Indy’s first year as he was quite a ‘sicky’ baby and a big dribbler!

Snow Suit

Again, this depends on when your baby is born, but I had Indy in December and used a snowsuit for months, especially when he was in the carrier.  


It’s quite a list but these are the essentials that will help you buy all the necessities you need for your newborn.  If you have any other tips for things to buy, please comment below! xxx