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Puff Pastry Pin Wheels

I first saw pinwheels when Indy’s friend had one for his lunch on a playdate – his was filled with Marmite which Indy isn’t keen on yet, but I thought i’d have a little experiment of my own.  I bought some puff pastry sheets, and had a little rummage in the fridge for what I could use as a filling, again trying to be as efficient as possible with ingredients.

I found some spinach which I finely chopped and mixed with some cream cheese.  I rolled out the pastry, spread the spinach and cheese mixture on, then rolled the pastry back up into a tight roll.  I sealed the end slightly with a fork, cut into slices about 2cm thick, and baked in the oven until golden. I cut the pastry sheet in half before making, so I was able to make pin wheels with 2 fillings, out of just one puff pastry sheet.  

I gave one to Indy to test for his dinner that night, along with some sweet potato and avocado, and he really enjoyed it!  I froze the remainder of the batch, and now pull one out to defrost if we are out and about – it’s made a nice change to him having a sandwich!

Again, there are so many filling combinations to use when making these, both sweet and savoury, and using up any leftovers.  I also made a batch with tomato puree and grated cheddar cheese inside, and these also went down a treat. The only negative is that they are MESSY – so definitely not one to eat in the pram! 😉 x