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Baby Holiday Packing List

When it comes to packing for a holiday with a baby, there is the danger of packing everything including the kitchen sink!  Preparing a list beforehand was an absolute God send for me – it meant I was organised with packing, and had a clear shopping list so there was no last minute rush or panic on the lead up to the holiday!

This list is for your standard holiday in the sun, and this was the list I followed when taking Indy when he was 8 months old – we were weaning and still giving him formula feeds so both areas are covered in the list!  We always prefer to stay in apartments / villas rather than hotels, so this list is catered to that too.

Item Comments
Travel pram I always pack the pram in a pram bag and check this in rather than taking to the gate. It gives the pram more protection and means we can pack a few extras!
Baby carrier This is handy for beach walks, as well as carrying the baby through the airport.
Travel cot This is always our 2nd piece of baby luggage for the flight.
Travel cot mattress
Travel cot sheets x 2 I pack these inside the travel cot when it’s folded up to save space in the case.
Sleeping bag I also pack this in the travel cot bag!
Sleepwear – baby grows / long sleeve bodysuits / short sleeve bodysuits If we are staying somewhere new, I always take options for Indy to sleep in as I don’t know the temperature or air-flow in the room.
Pack away pocket high chair We were given this as a gift and it’s amazing. So small and lightweight, and attaches to any chair!
Microwave steriliser As we always stay in self-catered accommodation, I always check there’s a microwave beforehand.
Bottle brush
Travel kettle Again, I check if there’s a kettle before travelling.
Thermal bottle case x 2
Formula I always take a full box to start us off with – and this goes in the pram bag!
Formula dispenser The full dispenser is always kept in hand luggage… just in case 😉
Bowl / plate
Water beaker
Breadsticks / fruit bars / rice cakes Enough for the flights there and back, and a few extras for emergencies!
Beach / Swimming pool
UV protective sun umbrella We bought ours when we were already on holiday, but it was amazing for indy on the beach, as it kept him shaded, and really cool. Ours is a really great size so fits in the pram bag, so we bought it back with us!
Sit in water float Again, we bought ours when we were already on holiday, but it rolls up so small that we will take it every time.
Swim nappies I take a full pack to start us off for the holiday.
All in one swimsuit
Sun hat x 2 Indy has a habit of taking these off and throwing them out the pram before we notice. So I always have a back up!
Beach blanket I prefer a cotton beach blanket to towels, as they stay cooler and are much bigger, so loads of space for all our supplies and for us all to lie down together. This one fits perfectly in our travel cot bag too!
Large swaddling muslins x 2 These were great for draping over the pram at nap time and in the evening, as they provided shade and cover, but kept the pram itself airy. You can also use them as blankets and playmats if needed.
Nappies I try and estimate how many I will need a day, but usually end up taking one full pack.
Wipes I take 2 full packs.
Nappy sacks
Baby sun cream
Baby bath wash – travel size
Calpol / Nurofen
Teething gel / teething granules
Toothbrush / toothpaste
Hand sanitiser gel
Books I always buy a couple of new books to take with us, as well as taking a couple of his favourites.
Toys Again I take a mixture of toys – I take the smaller ones on the plane and larger ones in the luggage, and have a mixture of some of his favourites as well as a few new ones to keep him interested!

I haven’t included clothes in my list as obviously these are a given, but have to be packed according to the weather.  I always take a variety of options for the baby however, and take more layering pieces, but if we have a washing machine in our accommodation, I will always take advantage of this and pack fewer clothes in the case!  

Over the next few weeks i’ll be blogging about my travel essentials, efficient hand luggage packing, and tips on flying with a baby, to get you prepared for the holiday season!